Monday, December 24, 2007

Does It Help To Use Corsets To Help You Lose Weight?

The effectiveness of using corsets to help you lose weight has been debated over and over again for ages. There have been a lot of theories whether wearing corsets actually helps anyone lose weight put forward by theorists. However, the people who have used corsets to help lose weight are almost united in maintaining that corsets do help lose weight.

The reasons for this are pretty straightforward:

Wearing a corset puts pressure on your stomach as well as your waistline. One of the reasons people lose weight when they have gastric bypass surgery is because their stomach is made smaller, so they feel full much more quickly. A corset will produce a similar effect by putting pressure on the stomach, causing us to feel full much more quickly. Food may also digest more slowly, keeping us from wanting to eat again for a longer period of time. Although a corset may not be the magic diet pill you've been searching for, it may help you along your weight-loss journey. (Always consult a physician before using a corset for medical purposes).

Now if using corsets to lose weight wasn't reason enough to use them, there are a lot more reasons (or excuses, if you will) to wear corsets:
  • Corsets will make you appear thin instantly
  • Corsets are great for supporting the back
  • And most of all, corsets are sexy!
So, while the debate over whether corsets help you lose weight goes on, I strongly recommend using corsets for this purpose and the other reasons mentioned above.

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